God Can Use Anyone

Posted On October 17, 2010

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I’m a pastor’s wife, but I’m not a speaker. I’m definitely what you would call a good support system.  Church is great, but what I love most out of life is being a mom and a homemaker. I’m glad I never had to miss time with the kids at home while they were (and are) growing up. I know that not every mom has that option.

But sometimes I, being a background person, can feel a little lost in the crowd and wonder if anything I am doing is truly making a difference. Do you ever feel that way?

The other day Dave and I went for a drive before church on a Sat. night and he went into Hy-Vee to get a coffee from Starbucks for us to share. As I sat there waiting on him to come back, I “people watched” from my seat.. I began noticing their expressions as they got out of their car.  Some looked as if the grocery store was the last place they wanted to be. Other people looked very burdened down with their own problems and worries. I watched one older lady as she put her cart away and walked slowly back to her car. Without even thinking much about it, I began to pray for her, that the Lord would surprise her with the desire of her heart, whatever that may be. As I did, I suddenly felt the Lord’s tremendous pleasure. I have no idea who she was or any of the other people I watched that day, but He knows each one and their hopes and dreams and their disappointments.

I realized that even if my ministry isn’t really seen, God notices and is very pleased. As long as we allow Him to lead us in every aspect of our lives, He will ultimately receive all the glory that we have tried to give him over the span of our lives.


One Response to “God Can Use Anyone”

  1. Cheryl Borg

    That is beautiful. I struggle with wondering if God uses me. I cant have kids and I wonder if I will have an impact on anyones life. I work full time and go to church occasionally but I dont have a “ministry” I wonder if all the mistakes i have made disqualify me from truly being of any use in His Kingdom the way He intended me too….I love you and when I see you I cant get over how beautiful and precious you are and what a great woman of faith and love you are. You are an awesome lady.


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