Does God Even Hear Me? (Yes, He does.)

Posted On April 2, 2011

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Have you ever felt like God has lost your address or that He is a little too busy to notice you right now? I’ve felt like that many times during hard times of life. But inevitably, He’s always managed to show me that He is there.  One day I happened to be looking out the window and noticed a tiny purple petunia blooming in a sea of rocks. I had to stop for a moment and just look.  How in the world could that little flower be growing so beautifully in all that rock? Every time I passed that window, I would look to see if it was still there. I was amazed to see it there everyday. It reminds me that no matter what hard situation I am in, He is there sustaining me, too.

Recently, we were in Oklahoma visiting my dad in the hospital. One morning on the way to see him, we swung by a house that we had lived in when I was in the 5th – 9th grade. We drove up the dirt road towards the driveway. I looked to my left and saw several large rocks on a hill. I remembered that this is where I used to go and pour my heart out to the Lord. When I looked at that place, it was as if the Lord reminded me of meeting me there. I can’t remember anything that I prayed there, but I had the sense that He remembered every word. It was amazing to be there with my husband and six children knowing that when I had prayed there at that place, I was just a young girl, not even dreaming what my future held.  But God knew.

Whatever you may be going through, it is good to be reminded that He has you engraved upon the palm of  His hand. He hasn’t forgotten you, your husband, your children, your sister, your brother, your parents. He loves you with an everlasting love. What is important to you, is of utmost importance to Him as well. You aren’t alone in the world. Every prayer you’ve ever prayed is remembered by Him as well as every tear you’ve ever cried. 

But what about the prayers that seem unanswered? I’ve prayed, cried, gotten angry, and cried some more over our daughter’s condition. Sometimes it feels there isn’t a tear left in me to cry or a prayer left to be prayed. What do you do with those situations? Is God off doing something else? No, He is still right there. Those are the times that you have to be sure, very sure, of the character of God. He never becomes less kind or less loving towards you. Dan Mohler, a pastor who often visits our church, said something the last time he was here that has stuck with me. In essence, he said that one day when he stands before the Lord, he wanted to be able to stand before him knowing he had not blamed God for all the hard things he had walked through. There is a time when we have to choose the high road and leave all the mysteries to God.  A missionary we knew from Bible school once told a story about losing his son while serving on the mission field. His conclusion: I don’t know why he died, it is a mystery…but I am not going to hell over a mystery.” I don’t understand all the “whys” either, but I know that God can be trusted. There has to be a time when we settle it with God. Will we be bitter or will we keep our hand in His?’

We serve a big God, but He isn’t so big that He would ever forget you. You are the dearest thing in His heart.








One Response to “Does God Even Hear Me? (Yes, He does.)”

  1. Sandy

    Beautifully said Kathy.

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