Slumdog Millionaire and Redemption

Posted On August 2, 2011

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I always know when the Lord is prompting me to write a new blog.  A thought or idea begins taking shape and then I’ll begin feeling it come together in my mind, usually in the middle of the night.  I’ll also feel very emotional as I’m getting ready to put it down on paper.  All that said, the Lord has been clearly speaking to me for some time now about one of his most beautiful attributes – Redeemer. In fact, even as I’m typing this word, there is such a lump in my throat. I think it is the most beautiful word I’ve ever heard.

For many years now, I have struggled to really know the love of Jesus for me on a personal level. Of course, I know He does love me in an intellectual sort of way. If you were to ask me if He loves you and cares about you, I would assure  you that He does. I could believe that very strongly for you. But as for myself, it has always been a hard thing to know and be sure of. Sometimes I have felt that I’ve caught glimpses and even experienced His love at times, but it hasn’t stayed with me for long. I’ve watched other people and have seen that they walk in such sureness of His love for them. I’ve really envied that about them, but felt glad for them, too. I tend to be so analytical that I just came to accept that I probably wasn’t going to have a true experience or revelation for myself.

But about a year ago, I watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire for the first time. I really wasn’t too interested in watching it. But I sat down with the family and began the movie.  Soon I was totally caught up in the story of these three characters and all that they went through together. Towards the end of the movie, something totally and completely unexpected happened to me. I wasn’t thinking about Jesus at that moment; I was just watching a story unfold. But suddenly Jesus spoke to me so clearly. He told me that He loved me in the same way the main character loved Latika and would do anything to be with her again. I cried so hard that day and in the days following, I couldn’t even think about it without bursting into tears. I had never had anything so personal spoken over me like that before. I had never, ever thought that I could be loved like that. At the end of the movie, when he (the main character Jamal) is finally standing with Latika again, he notices the scar on her face. Different scenes from previous parts of the movie begin to play on the screen and you understand that the past is now being wiped away. That is the beautiful story of redemption and what Jesus longs to do in our lives. He wipes away all the bad things of our past, all the things we’ve suffered, and we begin again brand new.

A couple of days ago, I was putting away laundry after a trip to OK. As I passed the dvd player in our bedroom, I felt curious and wondered if I would still be so affected by that scene from the movie. I put the movie in, found the scene, and pushed play. I know that other people may have no reaction to this movie at all. But as for me, it is just a God thing. I was weeping in seconds and felt that same presence of the Lord, telling me the same thing. I don’t know how to explain it.

One of the meanings of the word redemption means “to rescue” or “to purchase back something that has been lost”. Whatever you have experienced in life, maybe even things you’ve never shared with anyone else, He is able to rescue you and to purchase back something that has been lost. If you have had problems relating to the love of Jesus for you in a personal way, ask Him to reveal it to you in a way uniquely personal to you. It may not be through a movie, and as grateful as I am for that experience, I long for that to be an everyday encounter. I believe it will be. And I believe He wants to do the same thing for you.


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