Beautiful Monotony (or Ordinary Days)

Posted On January 7, 2012

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Sometimes life seems like it is in a repeat mode. Even things I’ve written on facebook recently seem vaguely familiar -probably because I wrote something very similar this time last year! There is a sameness to a lot of things in our lives. I wash the same towels, cook pretty much the same meals, and dust and vacuum the same rooms. But I’ve come to appreciate that sameness in everyday life.

It is quickly coming up on the time that our son went to be with the Lord. It is hard to believe that it will be sixteen years this month. I remember vividly one of the times that Alex was very ill and at the hospital before he died. I was standing at the window looking out at the parking lot. I felt so torn because I knew I needed to be there, but was also wanting to go home and be with the other kids. I suddenly missed the monotony of everyday life. I wanted to be at home and have it be a regular day doing regular things. I wanted Alex to be home and doing well. I wanted to be looking out the kitchen window and doing the dishes. I didn’t have to be doing anything exciting at all. I just wanted all of us to be home.

I remind myself of that feeling whenever I’m a little out of sorts, or when my life doesn’t seem very exciting. All the little events of life are what makes the entirety of our lives so special and so unique. I know as moms especially, our lives can quickly settle in the mundane everyday tasks. But don’t take those ordinary days for granted. They are the days that matter the most.


2 Responses to “Beautiful Monotony (or Ordinary Days)”

  1. Jodie Miller

    I Love this Kathy and I have often thanked God for ordinary days!! I have a good (best) friend who calls me every weekday morning and we cover our families with prayer….On Oct 23,2003 I will never forget we prayed that morning and I said Lord I thank You for ordinary days..The ones we may never even remember. That Evening Rick was cleaning the gutters for a recently widowed friend of ours he slipped off the wet ladder a story and a half up, falling onto the driveway below. He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital and had broken both his wrists one of which was crushed badly.
    He ended up having 7 surgeries in all to repair his injuries…. I have always remembered that prayer from that day and how good God was to take such good care of Rick during his healing and I remember marking that day as a reminder to not take the regular days for granted as they are such a treasure!!! Thank You for the reminder ❤

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